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2nd Downstream Indonesia Summit

Towards a Decarbonization & Circular Economy,
High Value Chemicals & Cleaner Fuels,
and Operational Excellence
24th - 25th April 2024
Jakarta, Indonesia
About Summit
In a covid-disrupted and high crude oil price era, the downstream industries are facing critical challenges they’ve ever met. As the largest economy in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is on a spending spree to bolster its downstream production capacity and a journey towards net-zero.


According to Statista, Indonesia imported 25.53 billion USD worth of petroleum and petrochemical products in 2021, about half of its domestic demand. Currently, Indonesia’s refining capacity of 1.1 million b/d (2020) is insufficient to meet the country’s growing demand. Pertamina plans to spend $48 billion by 2027 to increase domestic refining capacity to 1.8 million b/d. Besides, on the petrochemical/coal chemical side, it is reported that there will be 22 new petrochemical projects coming into operation in 2025. Apart from the capacity challenges, decarbonization and circular economy are also on top of the agenda. How will the carbon-intensive industry like the downstream adapt to the evolving market and respond to the challenging regulatory environment on carbon footprint? What needs to be done to decarbonize capital intensive assets/process while achieving operational excellence? What are the practical paths to circular economy? Will hydrogen and CCUS come to the rescue? Etc.


Against this background, and following the success of the Downstream Thailand Summit 2022 in Pattaya and the Downstream Indonesia Summit 2023 in Jakarta,  the 2nd DownstreamIndonesia Summit 2024 is going to take place on 24-25 April. By inviting local industry leaders and international key players, investors, consultancies, associations, solution providers, we hope to build an ideal platform for industry communication and promote the industry development in the challenging times. Join this event to learn the latest information of the refining and petrochemical industry in Indonesia, share global trends in the downstream market, showcase innovations to tackle the decarbonization challenges and best practices of implementing digital transformation in the downstream business.

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Attendees by industry

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Summit Formats

What to Expect

key Themes
  • Market dynamics in APAC and outlook for Indonesia

  • Decarbonization and circular economy;

  • Refining and petrochemical integration;

  • Pivoting to high value chemicals, plastics recycling and cleaner/bio fuels;

  • Catalyst innovation and feedstock flexibility;

  • Operational excellence and digitalization;

  • Asset integrity, reliability and maintenance;

  • Hydrogen and CCUS;


Eminent Speakers

Interested in speaking at Downstream Indonesia Summit? Submit your speaking proposal to Alvin 

immediately with subject “Paper Submission to DIS 2024” and secure a prominent speaking slot!

Snapshot of Downstream Indonesia Summit 2023 in Jakarta in February:


Sponsors & Exhibitors

Downstream Indonesia Summit offers a wide variety of standard sponsorship packages designed to meet your needs. These range from keynote Platinum sponsorship to hospitality based packages and exhibition stands. Sponsorship and exhibiting provide your company with an excellent way to:
- Create, maintain and enhance your brand awareness      - Elevate your profile in the eyes of the industry
- Generate new leads                                                             - Foster relationships with current clients
- Intellectually influence your industry peers                        - Stand out from your competitors

Branding opportunities are included in all the sponsorships. Sponsor's name, logo and profile will be prominently displayed in (where applicable) website, brochure, backdrop, advertisements and marketing materials. For further details on sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, please send enquiries to Max.


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Venue Hotel


Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 10-11

Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta 10220, Indonesia


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